Analyzing Management Research

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Analyzing Management Research is a review and analysis of research in Strategic Management. Research articles appearing in the following journals have been reviewed, analyzed and presented in a clear and concise manner: Strategic Management Review, Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management Executive, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Business Logistics, MIT Sloan Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Business Research, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Wall Street Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Business Venturing, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Economic Perspectives and the Journal of High Technology Management Research.


‘The Science of Strategy’ published by Nuclear Press.

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‘The Science of Strategy: Strategic Science and the Sequential Flow of Logic’ has been published by Nuclear Press in association with book is authored by Feroz Ahmed, and explains concepts in Strategic Management using a revolutionary learning technique called the Sequential Flow of Logic.

What is the Sequential Flow of Logic ?

What makes us remember a movie plot or the story of a novel long after we have seen or read it.That memory is attributed to the sequential flow of Logic.The storyline is interlinked in a way that connects the dots in our memory so as to retain the storyline long after the movie has been seen.How many Business and Management books give you that luxury? 

What if the same technique were used in the explanation of concepts in Strategic Management, what would then be the result? Well, the result is the same, you retain the subject matter long after you have studied it.This is the power of the Sequential Flow of Logic. 

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Reviews on ‘Analyzing Management Research’

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‘Analyzing Management Research’ is a book about Strategy,both Business and Corporate level.The subject matter is put across in a very concise manner.The book covers all the important topics on Strategy.The retentive capacity is high compared to other texts on the subject of Strategic Management.(Rating: 8/10)

Brian McCormack/EbookReviews

‘Analyzing Management Research’ presents the subject of Strategic Management  very effectively ,the subject is covered in a very logical manner, which aids in understanding  key concepts.(Rating: 7/10)

Peter Manemann/ReviewStar

It does work for Strategic Management,to the point and very informative.(Rating: 7/10)

John Williams/EJournal